Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome to Game Theory

checkmatePhoto Credit: John Morgan

Welcome to the Game Theory Blog. Here you will find updates and roadmaps for upcoming classes, results from experiments, videos, as well as key takeaways from each class. Please check back here for the latest. Please become a follower of this blog.

Also, it is ideal if the blog is interactive. Please submit comments if you have a take about what's covered in the blog or have suggestions for topics.

In preparation for Class 1, please check out the course overview lecture notes. You can find them here and here. The first of these links is the "live" syllabus. As new content is added, the links to that content will go live. The second is the handouts tab of the course website, for later reference.

For transparency reasons, the course website is not on bspace. You can find it here The reason is that bspace is walled off from Game Theory alumni. I want those who took the course in the past to be able to access the materials. As a result, I make everything available without walls.

See you in class!

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