Monday, March 5, 2012

Presentation Order

Mid-semester presentations are next week. The format is 10 minutes for presentation and up to 2 minutes for Q&A. Please submit your presentation files to me 2 hours in advance, so I can preload them on my laptop. This will minimize the transition times between presentations, which is essential given our tight schedule.

Here is the order for the presos. Note that you are free to swap times with another group if this is mutually agreeable.

Monday: 1. Good Swimmers, 2. Wysiwyg, 3. Nashty Equilibrium, 4. Pokerface, 5. YMCA^2, 6. JM Hypnotherapist

Wednesday: 1. Beautiful Minds, 2. 4 Young Men, 3. Latin Gamblers, 4. Swimsocks, 5. Gameblers, 6. 4 Men & a Baby Momma

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