Thursday, April 12, 2012


Some miscellaneous goodies for your reading pleasure:

1. We saw a lot of kinked bidding functions played in first-price auctions in class. How should you bid against these: The answer is still v/2 but with "jumps" in the bidding function at each of the kink points. Your colleagu Patrick Schneider was curious about the analysis, so here it is
 Kinked Bidding Strategies in First-Price Auctions

2. In the Judo unit, I highlighted Red Bull as a Judo Master, your colleague Caroline Mock called my attention to this interesting piece. Here's the killer quote:

"Red Bull is a media company that sells drinks instead of ads, and I get the impression they think of themselves that way."

3. Answers to problem set 4 are now posted in the handouts section of the course website.

4. Slides from Elizabeth Churchill's talk are now posted on the main page of the course website.

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