Saturday, February 5, 2011

FarmVille Period 1 Results

Market B Results
Market A Results

Please note, the video reverses markets A and B owing to a transcription error on my part. All references to market B are for market A and vice-versa. Apologies for the glitch.
FarmVille FAQ

Q: Is upgraded land available for rent in the same period it is upgraded?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I perform multiple upgrades (i.e. rocky to verdant or scrub to meadow) in the same period?
A: No. You can only upgrade a single level in a period.
Q: Are there more farmers in the market with 8 firms than the one with 7?
A: Yes. There are 4 farmers per landlord on average. There is the same randomness in the number of farmers in both markets.
Q: Can I specify the rental price of land?
A: No. You can only determine the amount of land you wish to make available. The rental price is determined by market clearing. If supply exceeds demand, the price will fall to zero.
Q: Can I use acquired property in the same period I acquire it?
A: Yes. Property transactions occur "between" periods and the acquired land is immediately transferred and available.
Q: Will I learn the land amounts that other teams put on the rental market?
A: No. I will only reveal the clearing prices. The total available land and who offered it is secret.
Q: What is the terminal value of land?
A: It is worthless once hyperfarming is invented.
Q: If I rent land in a period, can I sell it before the next period?
A: Yes. Rental contracts are for one period only.
Q: Who am I competing with?
A: You are competing with a simulation of last year's MBAs. Since this game did not exist last year, I will use other game results to simulate how much would have been made in this game. To win money at the end of the year, you need to accumulate as many experimental dollars as possible from all of the games.

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That Market A video was a little gratuitous toward then end. Not sure if that could've been aired unedited on cable TV....