Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For the next couple of weeks, we will be running the game Farmville outside of class. This game illustrates the connection between game theory and competitive advantage in strategy. There will be two markets, one consisting of 8 teams and the other of seven teams. Please read the instructions in advance of class and I'll explain in class.

There will be two markets playing the game. You will only be competing with teams in the same market. They are:

Market A:
Seagull Managers
Don’t H8 the Playa
Getting' Nashty
What Should I Do?
Mrs. Bento's Box
Yankees 27

Market B:

Money on the Nightstand
Moral Hazards
Class Reps
F is a Big Deal
Max Payoff
Free Riders
Free Agents


Sam said...

MOAB would like to wish the other landlords good fortune and fertile times. We look forward to growing FarmVille's reputation as a destination for local produce that is unmatched in taste and freshness.

sneebe said...
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John Morgan said...

Hooray, an actual comment. Now I now that there are actual readers of this blog. There were even two comments briefly but the author of one is apparently shy and removed it.

sneebe said...

i had posted a comment about leaving contact info on the p&l. after the email request went out, i figured that i would delete it.